This portal provides a set of useful links on privacy and personal data protection. It has been developed by Archimede Solutions in the context of the European Research project Privacy Flag.

European Privacy Portal

Key European research projects and related websites:

Privacy Flag has researched and developed a new methodology to assess the compliance of applications, websites and IoT deployments with the personal data protection rules and obligations. It has developed a set of tools enabling citizens to assess such compliance and to share the results of their evaluations.

EuroPrivacy is a certification scheme for personal data protection analyzing and certifying compliance with the European General Data Protection Regulation.

Privacy PACT is an online platform enabling companies and other entities based outside of Europe to voluntarily and formally abide to the European obligations related to personal data protection.

ANASTACIA is researching and developing innovative model for holistic cybersecurity. It is developing a dynamic privacy and security seal for ICT deployments.

SAINT is researching and analyzing innovative models and approaches to reduce cyber-criminality with a holistic approach, combining ICT, behavioral and economics expertise.

Create IoT is leading privacy strategies for IoT deployments.

U4IoT is developing a set of tools to support privacy friendly user engagement in large scale pilot on the Internet of Things.

OPERANDO is specifying, implementing, field-testing, validating and exploiting an innovative privacy enforcement platform that will enable the Privacy as a Service (PaS) business paradigm and the market for online privacy services.

TYPES is defining, implementing, and validating in pre-market status a holistic framework of technologies and tools that should enable the end user to configure the privacy settings, to understand the flow of their information, to detect episodes of information collection occurring without consent, to identify the offender and finally, to know the value of their data.

VisiOn is delivering a high Technology Readiness Level (TRL) Visual Privacy Management Platform, which empowers any citizen to achieve desired levels of privacy by creating and monitoring a personal Privacy Level Agreement.

Online resources

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European Digital Rights


IIP – Istituto Italiano per la Privacy

IoT Forum

Privacy International (UK)


ACLU - American Civil Liberties Union


Berkman Center for Internet & Society at Harvard University

CDT - Center for Democracy and Technology

Center for International Security and Cooperation is Stanford University

CPSR - Computer Professionals for Social Responsibility

EFF - Electronic Frontier Foundation

EPIC - Electronic Privacy Information Center

National Security Archives



Privacy Forum

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